Adventures to live at least once in a lifetime

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Adventures to live at least once in a lifetime Scratch-off poster

In this new scratch-off poster you will find a compilation of more than 50 challenges, experiences and adventures to live, feel and enjoy at least once in your life.

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They say that we are made of experiences, that we are what we live.

That's why at ENJOYERS we knew we had to release this great product. In this new scratch-off poster we have chosen more than 50 adventures to live at least once in your life. Some simpler, others more daring… from making a snowman to seeing the northern lights. An exciting and dynamic list, suitable for all audiences and all ages.

How many have you already experienced? Scratch the lock of those experiences that you have already been able to enjoy and return to that moment through the beautiful illustration that you will discover below.

How many are there that you have not yet experienced? I'm sure there are several, but don't worry... this scratch-off Bucket List is a challenge that lasts a lifetime

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The golden top layer hides the drawings and each challenge, experience or adventure has its own illustration that you will discover as you scratch.

200 grams coated paper with scratchable gold color.

45x65 centimeters.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
aventura en cada rascado

Hemos planeado viajes y aventuras futuras. Una lámina rascable inspiradora.

descubriendo pasiones

Rascar cada experiencia es como revivirla. Nos encanta esta lámina rascable.

celebrando la aventura

Excelente calidad y diseño. Nos ha ayudado a planear nuestras futuras aventuras.

sueños convertidos en realidad

Una lámina rascable llena de sueños y metas. Cada rascado es una victoria.

emoción en cada rascado

Cada rascado es una emoción. Excelente para crear recuerdos inolvidables.