100 Flavors to Eat the World

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Scratch Poster 100 Flavors to Eat the World

A journey through the flavors of the world. Perfect for you, foodie lover, who enjoys every bite.

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You will have heard that eating is a pleasure more than a thousand times.

Gastronomy is a journey through the senses, a sensation of transporting yourself to another place, to a concrete memory, to a moment that you have never experienced.

In this poster we seek to synthesize 100 flavors with which to travel the entire world.

Create your own menu and taste each illustration as if it were the first time.

How about you aim to cook each of the recipes that you scratch and discover?

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The top layer and the bottom layer, what remains after scratching, are different. Your mouth will water at each illustration, SCRATCH AND TASTE.

200 grams coated paper with scratchable gold color.

45x65 centimeters.

Currywurst (Germany), Tamale (Latin America), Empanada (Argentina), Creole sausages (Argentina), Barbecue (Argentina), Meatloaf (Australia), Waffles (Belgium), French fries (Belgium), Churrasco ( Brazil), Feijoada (Brazil), Poutine (Canada), Humitas (Chile), Pekin Duck (China), Dim sum (China), Cepavi (Croatia), Bibimbap (Korea), Chifrijo (Costa Rica), Gallo Pinto (Costa Rica), Churchill (Costa Rica), Old Clothes (Cuba), Cuban Sandwich (Cuba), Smørrebrød (Denmark), Encebollado (Ecuador), Ful Medames (Egypt), Paella (Spain), Potato Omelette (Spain),Salmorejo (Spain), Galician-style octopus (Spain), Churros (Mexico – Spain), Cheeseburger (United States), Fried chicken (United States), BBQ Ribs (United States), Mac n cheese ( United States), Chili con carne (United States), Injera (Ethiopia), Galettes (France), Raclette cheese (France), Macarons (France), Ratatouille (France), Croissant (France), Khachapuri (Georgia), Gyros ( Greece), Salad Greek (Greece), Moussaka (Greece), Poke (Hawaii), Fis paprikas (Hungary), Kurtos Kalacs (Hungary), Butter Chicken (India), Masala Dosa (India), Tikka Massala (India), Nasi Campur (Indonesia) , Satay (Indonesia), Fish and chips (England), English Breakfast (England), Beef wellington (England), Boxty (Ireland), Neapolitan pizza (Italy), Lasagna (Italy), Pasta carbonara (Italy), Ragu (Italy ), Risotto (Italy), Sushi (Japan), Ramen (Japan), Sashimi (Japan), Tonkatsu (Japan), Tempura (Japan), Cepelinai (Lithuania), Tajin (Morocco), Tacos al Pastor (Mexico), Mole Poblano (Mexico), Enchiladas (Mexico), Cochinita Pibil (Mexico), Hummus (Middle East), Falafel (Middle East), Biryani (Pakistan), Ceviche (Peru), Anticuchos (Peru), Zapiekanki (Poland), Pierogi ( Poland), Bacalhau à Brás (Portugal), Francesinha (Portugal), Rice and Beans (Puerto Rico), Mofongo (Puerto Rico), Svicková (Czech Republic), Goulash (Czech Republic), Beef Stroganoff (Russia), Bunny chow ( South Africa ca), Kanelbullar (Sweden), Fondue (Switzerland), Pad thai (Thailand), Massaman curry (Thailand), Baklava (Turkey), Döner Kebab (Turkey), Köfte (Turkey), Dolma (Turkey), Chivito (Uruguay) , Borsch (Ukraine), Arepas (Venezuela), Schnitzel (Vienna), Pho (Vietnam).

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