The Essence of Spain

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The Essence of Spain Scratch-off poster

A scratch-off experience through the essence of Spain. Perfect for those who enjoy getting away without having to leave the country.

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Spain is art, it is culture, it is history, it is a million things that can only be understood if you activate all your senses and surrender to the experience of exploring its corners.

Each one of the communities, provinces, and cities have their charm, their traditions, their flavors that makes them unique.

In this scratch-off map we take a tour of the essence of each of the provinces of Spain, with different illustrations on the surface and inside, because the essential is found when you scratch the shell.

Travel through the senses, become one more inhabitant of that area, relive moments, create new hopes and dreams.

Welcome to the essence of Spain turned into a work of art, illustrated by ENJOYERS.

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The top layer and the bottom layer, what remains after scratching, are different. SCRATCH AND TRAVEL.

We have sought the essence of each province to draw it and deliver it to you in a scratch-off format, in which to discover a story (or remember it) behind each design.

200 grams coated paper with scratchable gold color.

65x45 centimeters.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

He comprado varios, ya que me parece el regalo prefecto para los amantes de viajar y si quieren viajar x los distintos rincones de España mejor aún! Encima los colores son preciosos es ideal! Responden al momento, ha llegado todo perfecto y en nada de tiempo! Una maravilla vaya lástima q cierren la tienda

Jorge Martín Dopico
Buena eleccción

Me ha encantado. Una lástima que no quedasen mapas de Europa también.
El pedido llegó en perfecto estado.

Amara Minguijon Lazaro

El mapa es súper precioso. Me ha encantado. El pedido llegó bien.

José Vicente Pinar Bielsa

todo a tiempo y en perfecto estado

Gabriela Muñoz

Llegó en perfectas condiciones y es muy bonito. Muchas gracias.